Photo Gallery
RCAA 2003 Championship Finals, Farmington New Mexico

Awesome Competition, Beautiful weather and some of the best ROCK to be found anywhere
greeted the competitors and spectators!  Here are some of the random shots taken by FUEL 'n FIRE
at this great event.  ENJOY!!


Barb ("Fire") checks out the Curt LeDuc off road Skyjacker championship short-track truck. I think she was looking for the keys!!!

"CHICKEN" on tour

This was a special chicken which was on tour in New Mexico from the Lodi Bowl in Lodi, Wisconsin. Check out the web site at for update information on where "Chicken" is touring currently.


Providing outstanding coverage during the event with live updates to their web site was the crew from You guys are awesome!!


With argueably the largest tires at the event, Goodyear once again provided outstanding services and tires to the Goodyear/Skyjacker Extreme Rockcrawling Nationals!

Alcoa Aluminum Wheels

Freddie had the display up and also brought along a Jeep Rubicon to show off the awesome Alcoa wheels. Even gave away wheels to a lucky spectator at the event!

Freddie and the Alcoa Rubicon


Yup, that is a Corvette engine tucked into the rear of Shannon Campbell's winning rig!!

Only all woman team

Michelle Billington with her able spotter Janalynn is the only all woman team competing. The new Bill Billington built ford ranger was in for a tough weekend but they are tenacious competitors!

MINI Rockcrawler

They come in all sizes and shapes!!


Dave ("Fuel") begins to warm up the spectators. Check out the Flame Jackets courtesy of Snap-On Tools!

Shannon begins to serve notice!

From the first obstacle everyone knew that Shannon was on the scene with a winning rig. The new rear engine design was working flawlessly!

Nose Down!

This was one of the tougher spots that gathers lots of spectators to watch Shannon avoid a nose-over! He finished with one of the best scores on this obstacle.

RockRunner Racing

Jason Paule showing off his design. He was smiling with the great job many of his creations were turning in on the Farmington Course!

Jason nosedown

Jason negotiated this trouble spot with ease. Not everyone was so lucky on this one.


As you can see from all the rubber left on the rock this was a spot that needed maximum "gription"!

The women show the way

Michelle and Janalynn in a tight spot. The Ford Ranger was due later to be radically bent! These ladies really know how to compete on the rocks though!

Walker and Ted

Walker Evans and Ted LeBaron team up to make an awesome duo. Ted hung up his rig for the year to team with Walker and with the new "Peanuts" design they have been tough!


Missing in Action for the 2003 season of RCAA, It was great to see our great buddies RJ and Joe Brown out on the Farmington Rock!

Your Reigning Champs

The 2002 Champions were showing that they were not giving up the championship hunt easily. Mike Schaffer and Lance Clifford are tenacious on the rocks!


The tops of the obstacles were some of the best fan vantage points!

Jon and TINY

Jon Bundrant and TINY were out to wrap up a season Championship at Farmington! Always tough!!

Joel and Mike

Joel Randall and Mike Vokoun along with the Goodyear MTR's are showing everyone what the term "gription" is all about!


Johnny was on site again with the awesome food that we always look forward to! Thanks John!!

Where's Fuel?

Kinda like 'Wheres Waldo"........

Chris Durham

Coming all the way from Picken's South Carolina, Chris did not have one of his greatest outings! He was overheard to say something like, "gravity sucks"!!! One of the great guys of rockcrawling! RCAA 2000 Champion.

Chris vs Gravity

Chris Durham had one of those kind of weekends!

Back In The Saddle

Chris never gives up, he just steps on it!!!