Photo Gallery Cedar City UROC 2004, Page 1

A HUGE THANKS to TIM SANCHEZ of ROCK-ON MOTORSPORTS for the pictures from Cedar City!!  Our camera died on Thursday at Tech Inspection and Tim was kind enough to loan us his backup.  Tim is the photographer providing all the great same-day coverage for OFFROAD.COM.  Tim is a great guy who works his butt off for the world of off-road racing and the press coverage of all the great events!!!


Chris Durham and spotter Tim Donaldson contemplating the start of the first day

Chris and Tim talk over the tough obstacles ahead of them!

And they begin the first day of UROC Cedar City 2004

But things don't always go as planned and they spent a lot of time on the side and top. They were spotted at a car wash on Friday Morning!!

Ken Shupe and Rusty Bray. "Shuppee" comes from Travelers Rest SC!! Just love to interview him.....

Making the transition from Modified in 2003 to Super Mod in '04, Jeff Mello...............

The "Long Drive" award has to go to rig 101, Charlie Melchner is from New York and his spotter Kyle Knosp from Pennsylvania!!!

Artwork in the Sky courtesy of the USAF B-52 bomber over the West Desert training range.......... cool!!

The #28 rig of Mitch Guthrie (Currie Enterprises) was looking good but unfortunately wound up on his lid just seconds after this shot was taken.......


But the final result.............. well

Bart Jacobs and spotter Troy Gregory (Factory Tubular Motorsports)

"FUEL" atop the announcing podium (aka semi-truck)

St. George Utah's husband/wife team of Todd and Jennifer Little........


For the last two events (Vernal and now Cedar City) the usual spotter for team #80 had been doing the driving, Larry "Full Pull" McRae. Jon Bundrant with work requirements keeping him busy at home!!

Larry taking #80 up the bonus line on obstacle B-3. 20 bonus points if he makes it. At this point no one had made it today.......

Near the top it looks like he is going to make it but then it begins to wash out to the left.

And winds up crashing down hard. We were very worried but he was OK!!!!

The Washington team out of S&N Fab look out of shape but made it through!!

Myron and his cohort from Skyjacker relaxing during a lull in the action. Myron has been credited with dubbing Fuel 'n Fire's logo FLAMES ROCK!!!!

South Carolina's favorite son, SHUPEE........

Campbell Enterprises dynamic duo, Shannon and Nick. They have been busy building a new rig for Walker Evans.

Shupee showing off the articulation of the Dynatrac Rig.....

Wow, look at that side panel. He literally did a "sidewall crawl" out of this obstacle. The side panel is destined to reside on Dave's garage wall....... autographed!!

Competitors watching and evaluating their plans as they watch others taking on obstacles. Joel Randall, Mike Vokhoun, Rob Bonney and others.....

Team Teraflex rig from Casper Wyoming, Curt Hildebrand.

Ranch and Bob Pratt continue to work hard on the site even during the height of the action!! HARD WORKING TEAM!!!

Eddie Casanueva with spotter Tom Kingston have had better days. They are tough and will give us a great show tomorrow though!!

"Fuel" interviewing Larry "Full Pull" McRae following that scary crash on B-3.

Dustin "Pan" Webster and Jody "Ding" Everding had spent the entire week prior to this event putting the Red Bull Rockit back together!!

The husband/wife team of Jennifer and Todd Little take on Obstacle B-5........

"Fuel" interviewing Dustin Webster in the Red Bull Rockit.