UROC St. George 2004, competition DAY ONE (more)

Here are some of the highlights of competition from the UROC St. George event, stop number ONE for the 2004 championship.  With over 500 pictures to edit, these are just the highlights of those taken. Special thanks to Troy Turner, Outlaw Photography, for all the great shots.

If you want the original full-size version (1280x1024) of any of these pictures or the complete series of an individual driver, let me know by email and I will work out either emailing them or for a small charge, burn to disk and mail them to you.


Back on the midway the spectators had a front row seat to competitors lining up at obstacles.

The rig is just MAD about rockcrawling

The Maxxis Rock Star Team had a huge showing of rigs.

Mitch Gutherie showing the awesome articulation of his new rig

Yea, the modified class can get pretty off camber too.....

Neil Lillard and Don Robbins teamed up in a new rig at this event

Don Robbins watching Neil get down off a hard spot.

Gravity trying to win.......

RJ and Joe Brown doing what they love. PURE ADRENALINE

RJ and Joe scratching the beautiful paint!!


Rob Bonney taking on "THE ROCK"

Awesome shot of Rob Bonney attacking "THE ROCK"

Unfortunately for Rob, the rock was too tough today....

ROCKIN' and sometimes ROLLIN'

more ROCKIN'

Stand back and take a look at the awesome rock of St. George

What could only be called a ROCK WEDGIE

At time there were so many rollovers you could see them in unison!!

more ROLLIN'

Shannon Campbell from Arizona. CORVETTE POWER!

Shannon's spotter serving as anti-gravity.......

Shannon in a tough spot

Shannon trying to go for it........

But often the rocks win.......

Ken Shupe "SHUPEE" was here from Travelers Rest, SC without "The Moose". He said Moose is Married and drinking 'light beer'......... oh man!

Spidertrax team was fun to watch this weekend

Terry Howe with his new lightweight entry. Need the tiger stripes though Terry!!!!

At times it took all the help we could find to right the rolls

Under side view of a Toyota Pickup......

Walker Evans was looking good but the rocks had other ideas. Spotter Ted LeBaron was his usual fun self...

You want me to do WHERE?!?!?!?!?