UROC 2004 Event 1, St. George, Utah TECH INSPECTION

Under warming temperatures and sunny skies the first event of 2004 for the newly merged entities started off with an awesome display of rigs, vendors and inspections.  Here are highlight photos from that first day - Tech Inspection.

Click on the thumbnail to see a full size picture.  All the pictures posted on the web site are "reduced size" for web pages.  If you see a picture that you would like the original to just email me and I will send you the larger 1280x1024 image.   Special thanks to Troy Turner, Outlaw Photography, for all the great shots!!


RJ and Joe Brown from Farmington NM are a couple of great RockCrawlers and great friends. It was so fun to be able to talk with and about them again this year!! Fuel in the middle.........

Amy Bulloch and her husband Steve back to defend their National Championship, 2 times over!! Rumor has it that there is a new rig in their future........

Another popular lady driver is Jennifer Little with Todd (husband) spotting. They are fun to watch and tough to compete against!!

I was getting a first look at the motor in Johnny G's new rig at about the same time that he was. Mt. Logan Off Road had just finished it up and he was anxious to get out on the rocks and do some testing/practice. They call it K2 (Karnivore Two)........

Here is an overall look at the new K2 of Johnny G Racing.

Kurt Hildebrand from Casper Wyoming in the new Team Teraflex rig. Wondered why it wasn't painted Fire Engine Green? He is sporting the team colors for this year. New rig looked good in it's first outing.

Michelle Billington was short her usual spotter, creating the only all-women team competing in Championship Rockcrawling. Bill Billington spotted for her this weekend but miss Thierbach will be back!!

Mitch Gutherie showed up with a new lightweight, narrow rig for this season. I showed some great promise for the season. We missed Matt though........

Motorsports Image, the official gear vendor for UROC had some great gear and an awesome Chevy to tow it all!!

Ranch Pratt heading up the technical inspections on opening day. Ranch, the previous president of RCAA is part of the new merger between UROC, RCAA and EROCC.

RJ is trying to explain the dynamic effects that his rig has on rocks with the awesome paint scheme, or something like that. Wow, how can you do paint like that and then take them out and scratch 'em????

Another look at the colorful rig known as PURE ADRENALINE.......... love it!!!!

RJ, Joe and 'Fuel'............ either really happy to see each other or they been drinkin' something...........

Close up look at the paint on PURE ADRENALINE. Don't know if they ever had to go to the 'bottle' this weekend though........

Matt and Garrett Sisson were out again with their good looking rig from Farmington New Mexico. Tracy's Diamond is always a show-stopper. Check out their web site (link on the homepage of fuelnfire.com) for a great sweepstakes coming in 2004.

Spidertrax were out in force and looking good in new, updated rigs for 2004. One of those great, catchy team names! (and their t-shirts are awesome too).

The Technical Inspection midway

Birds eye view of the competitors lining up for Tech Inspection

More Midway at Tech Inspection

Overhead view of the K2 rig of Johnny G racing

Check out the turbo on this one. Several competitors stepping it up a notch on power this year!!

The rear of Shannon Campbell's rig is all business with an LS1 Corvette power plant!!!