What a great day on Saturday!!  Beautiful skies, warm temperatures, light winds and awesome crowds.  It was a great way to wrap up a great event at Vernal 2004


Jason Paule, Rock Runner Racing from Rapid City SD was the master of Vernal!! The entire Rock Runner team was tough!

Bob Standage in his new Modified was unstoppable! Many times taking the Super Line and making it!!

ESPN was on hand filming the event!! Here you see a boom camera getting some awesome coverage. Watch the UROC.COM website for show dates.

Jeff Mello makes the transition from Modified to Super Modified and looks tough. He said he actually surprised himself at some of the obstacles he completed! Keep your eyes on this tough competitor.

Joel Randall had Mike Vokoun back together for this one and it paid off. Into a top 5 finish. Mike is the newlywed from Mesa AZ.

Here you see why these guys are so good together. Been doing it for 4 years that I know of. Mike and Joel are an 'EXTREME TEAM'. They also have great giveaways for the spectators!!

Ken Blume competing in his PT Cruiser. HUH? you don't believe it? Well, look at the grill....... convinced???

This was a popular perch on Saturday. Standing room only at the top of the rocks.

Not nearly as many roll overs at Vernal but there were some interesting challenges including new points rules that changed the look for the better!!

Sending up smoke signals for help!! This was obstacle B4 and gathered quite a crowd because of the difficulty.

GOT SAND??? Sarge and his 'lowrider' Dodge. I won't repeat what he said....... he's smiling tho

We decided that a FORD could get him out and wouldn't need to go all the way to CHEVROLET POWER..... hehe

Okay when I say go hit it............ looks like the spotter is ready to 'waterski'. This is Ken Shupe "Shupee" from Travelers Rest SC, his spotter is Rusty Bray

What can I say........ SHUPPPEE STYLE!!! They say this is the way he goes to church on Sunday!!!

Toyo had a great display on the Midway with "Autumn" signing autographs throughout the day on Saturday.

Another of the prime viewing spots for spectators.

Home for UROC in vernal was the Dinosaur Inn, right on main street. Nice Place!!

Even some of the Dinosaur Inn staff came out to enjoy the event. From left to right, Don'tKnow, Randi and Sherry

The drive home showed that Winter is not completely gone as there was still lots of snow in the mountains and frozen lakes

At the top of Daniel's Canyon they have a few extra Snowmobiles left over from the season. SEE YOU ALL IN CEDAR CITY!!!!!!!!